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Toms Interview:

Goddess Tara, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tel.: 0031 (0)621 412815

Tom: This is the first Interview form my friend Jerome, he help me to get more great content an interviews to my Guide, Jerome speaks also perfect French so if you are a French spoken Mistress and interested in a Interview contact us.

Jerome: Hello Goddess Tara. It's a pleasure to meet you. The first question I would like to ask is how did you get involved in SM/ Fetish ?
Goddess Tara: My first experience was when I wanted to keep my high heels on in bed.

Jerome: Why did you choose to be a Mistress?
Goddess Tara: It is an outlet to express my dominant feelings, desires and fantasies

Jerome: Are you natural dominant?
Goddess Tara: Yes of course! I don' t have a submissive bone in my body.

Jerome: Where do you work and what slaves must do to have the chance to meet you for a session?
Goddess Tara: My studio is in Amsterdam...
and for slaves who want to meet me they must be intelligent, respectful, very submissive and preferably shoe/boot/foot lover.
Do not forget they must have a masochistic side willing to be explored

Jerome: Do you have personal slaves?
Goddess Tara: Yes I have personal slaves who will do my bidding.

Jerome: Are your session for men only or couple are also accepted?
Goddess Tara: My sessions are for any proper sub/slave. Male, female and couples are also welcome but under strict rules.

Jerome: I can t take my eyes off the beautiful Boots you are currently wearing. Do you have Boots fetish ?
Goddess Tara: I' m an extrem shoes/boots fetishist. The Higher the heels are the more powerful I feel. When a slave is licking my boots or sucking my heel it makes me extremely excited.

Jerome: I noticed that you are really enjoying yourself while dominating men. Is there really a play you enjoy more than an other? What s your favourite SM accessories and footwear?
Goddess Tara: I particularly prefer to play hard sessions. I have a few favourite tools such as my four foot snake whip, my rod or my doggy whip ! My favourite shoes are minimun 6/7 inches stiletto heels together with a lots of leather.

Jerome: What do you think it s necessary to have a good SM session and experience?
Goddess Tara: Trust is paramount. It is also necessary that the slave is willing to surrender mentally and physically to me.

Jerome: Do you think a relationship Mistress/slave is deeper or stronger than any other kind of relationship?
Goddess Tara: Tricky question ! I believe it can be both deeper and stronger. It takes two to make it works.

Jerome: What do you think about an utopic world ruled by Women?
Goddess Tara: Let's make it happen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jerome: Thank you Goddes Tara for this interview
Goddess Tara:
Thank you Jerome

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